Apple’s Next OS X 10.9 Called LYNX

Apple’s Next Major OS X 10.9 Release Will Be Dubbed LYNX

Apples Next New OS-X-10-9-Will-be-Called-LYNX-

According to a rumor doing the rounds in the tech blogosphere this weekend. The information comes from a person with inside knowledge of the operating system talking to AppleScoop.

The Apple-centric blog, bearing the tagline “no bull, just the facts,” claims to have learned exclusively that “the name for Apple’s next generation operating system – Mac OS X 10.9 – will be called LYNX.”

The disclosure reportedly stems from “a reliable source who claims to have talked to someone from inside the walls of Apple”

“This source claimed that he saw some internal papers that seem to be finalizing the name of the operating system,” the blog reports, though it is unclear which of the two people actually laid eyes on said papers.

The same source couldn’t say when Apple plans to disclose the name of OS X 10.9 to the public, but the consensus at AppleScoop is that it will be “during the 2013 annual WWDC.”

A spike in webserver log entries with “OS X 10.9” User-Agent fields coming from Apple’s Cupertino headquarters were recorded earlier this month prompting speculation that the new operating system was entering a new testing phase, states Softpedia.

Around the same time speculation started regarding the potential name of OS X 10.9. LYNX has been one of the many propositions from Apple fans worldwide.

Apple has already put OS X on a fast-paced refresh cycle with plans to release a major new version each year. Which means a WWDC unveiling is not only plausible, but probable.

For the past two years the Cupertino giant has been bringing more iOS features to the Mac, further unifying its mobile and desktop ecosystems under OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

These features include Messages, Notification Center, Notes, Reminders, iCloud, Game Center, and many others.

Sources: AppleScoop and Softpedia


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